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2004 Cost Vs. Value Report Sunroom Addition National Averages Job cost: $31,063 Resale value: $22,002 Cost Recouped: 70.8% Based on adding a 200-square-foot sunroom to a two-story house. Form and pour footings for slab-on-grade foundation. Use exposed post-and-beam framing on interior side and extruded aluminum window frame-and-flashing system with insulated, low-E, laminated, or tempered glazing. Provide for natural ventilation using screens and ceiling fan. Insulate all non-glass areas; provide movable shades for glass area.

Region or City Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Midwest Average $32,815 $21,048 64.1%
Chicago 37,842 28,749 76.0
Cleveland 31,889 21,750 68.2
Cleveland 33,309 20,655 62.0
Columbus, Ohio 30,858 11,278 36.5
Des Moines, Iowa 30,032 *
Detroit 35,263 2,250 6.4
Grand Rapids, Mich. 29,996 28,333 94.5
Indianapolis 30,647 22,250 72.6
Kansas City, Mo. 32,716 15,000 45.8
Madison, Wis. 32,634 22,583 69.2
Milwaukee 34,246 21,660 63.2
Minneapolis 38,510 30,446 79.1
St. Louis 34,031 34,000 99.9
Wichita, Kan. 27,431 14,667 53.5

* insufficient data

This data is an excerpt from the REALTOR© Magazine 2004 COST VS. VALUE REPORT.