How To Ensure That Your Bathtub Never Falls Victim to Mold or Mildew Again

Bathtub St Louis MOThe bathtub in your St. Louis, Missouri, home is perhaps the area that is most susceptible to the formation of mold and mildew. These two nuisances can wreak havoc on the look of your home and the safety of those who live in it. Because of the abundance of moisture in the bathroom and specifically in the bathtub itself, mold and mildew have every opportunity to spring up unless you take certain precautions. For years, many homeowners have relied exclusively on backbreaking cleaning processes and regular maintenance. And while those might still work to combat mold and mildew in the bathtub and other areas, they are far from the only option.

Today, there are other ways to ensure that your bathroom does not fall victim to unsightly mildew or dangerous mold. Ways to protect yourself against this problem include:

  • Installing an acrylic bathtub or shower – A tub or shower that is constructed of 100 percent non-porous acrylic is much less susceptible to having mildew form on it. Plus, many of these products come pre-treated with anti-microbial protection that helps continuously repel grime.
  • Utilizing a shower or bathtub liner – Because these products are custom-fitted to the exact measurements of your space, they do not require grout, a common hotspot for mold formation.
  • Making cleaning easy – If you opt for an acrylic product, you will find clean up easier than you can imagine. Gone are the days of harsh chemicals and intense scrubbing, replaced instead by a simple solution of vinegar and water followed by a light wipe down.

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