Four Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your Home in St. Louis, MO

Bathroom Remodeling St LouisIf you are looking for remodeling ideas for your bathroom in St. Louis, Missouri, the expert team at Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solution can serve as your source for inspiration. An outdated or problematic bathroom can be a headache for anyone who lives in the home, and it can limit the value of the entire property if you are looking to sell. However, there are several measures that can be taken to provide a much-needed remodeling facelift if your bathroom has seen better days.

Enjoy these four budget-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas and transform your bathroom into the relaxing oasis of your dreams.

  • Tub-to-shower conversion – A bulky, outdated bathtub is not necessary in many of today’s bathrooms. Why not update the space by converting the bathtub into a free-standing shower enclosure? Not only can it increase the safety for seniors and anyone with disability issues, but a shower enclosure also creates a more open and spacious feel for the entire bathroom.
  • Tub or shower liner – The biggest contributing factor to a bathroom looking dingy is a stained or dirty tub and shower. However, with a tub or shower liner installed, you will enjoy the sparkling shine and squeaky-clean appearance you’ve been missing in your bathing area. Completed in as little as one day, this bathroom remodeling effort is a no-brainer for many homeowners looking to brighten their bath in an instant.
  • Walk-in tub installation – Sometimes, the need for bathroom remodeling is necessitated due to the physical limitations of the persons using the space. In the case of many seniors and others with disabilities, a walk-in tub provides a functional answer to their safety concerns, while providing an updated look to the entire bathroom. This tub offers safe entry and exit via a leak-free door, reducing the chances of a troublesome slip and fall.
  • Replacement windows – While much attention is paid to the functional components of a bathroom, replacing a broken or damaged window can provide a boost in aesthetics and enjoyment. Whether your room features a double hung, sliding, bay, or bow window, replacing the old version with a durable, vinyl, energy-efficient model can make a great bathroom remodeling decision.

As always, if you have any questions about bathroom remodeling in the St. Louis, MO, area, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solutions. We would be happy to provide any additional information you need and to explain all of the options you have available.